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Choose Chéci for your pedicure services, and you__l see and feel the difference over other tools. Crafted from high quality, hypoallergenic steel that lasts for years, these ergonomically-designed files are easily sanitized. Plus, they give you a handle on safe and effective performance. Invest in Chéci tools and elevate your service to an even higher standard. The Checi Pro Nickel Coarse Foot File safely, gently and thoroughly files away hard, built-up skin and smoothes dry, cracked heels for an unsurpassable smooth pedicure. This file has a coarse grit for severely callused feet. Its light weight design with an easy to grip handle and thin curved head allows you to file even hard-to-reach areas and in-between toes. Checi Pro Files can be sanitized with any plastic-safe sanitizing solution. Works perfectly on dry or wet feet, allowing you to have beautiful feet at all times.
File clean skin with back-and-forth strokes until rough, cracked skin is removed. Apply moisturizer or foot cream after use for an incredibly soft feel. Care Instructions after use: Clean with a hard brush using cold or warm water and sanitize with a sanitizing solution or alcohol. Dry and store away in a moisture free area.
Consult your physician if you are diabetic, or have poor blood circulation. Do not use on irritated or inflamed areas. Do not use on skin with dermatitis or any skin problems such as diabetes. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use microwave or harsh industrial chemical(s) for sanitization. Discontinue use if the file is worn out or has any disseminated parts. Care Instructions after use: Clean with a hard brush using soap and water, be sure to disinfect after each use. Dry and store away in a moisture free area. Life span of Chéci files can vary depending on amount of usage and style of sanitization.
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